Before & After Gallery

This aspiring actor was not proud of his tetracycline-stained teeth and so did not feel comfortable smiling for his headshot photo.

Eight porcelain veneers were placed by Dr. Chass resulting in this new headshot photo.

A young man wanting a better-looking smile.

After 8 porcelain veneers were placed in 2 appointments, the patient was very happy.

This patient did not want orthodontics.

Direct Resin Bonding was used on the 4 front teeth to close the space between the 2 front teeth.

This patient wanted a more uniform look for his 4 front teeth.

Two crowns were replaced and two porcelain veneers were added in the front resulting in a very pleasing look.

Unhappy with her smile

After Dr. Chass placed 8 porcelain veneers, she was very happy with her smile. It was done in 2 appointments.

Years ago, this broken tooth would have needed either a crown or a porcelain onlay, both very expensive and both needing two appointments to complete.

With the development of Direct Resin Bonding for the back teeth, this tooth was completed in less than an hour and was significantly less expensive than a crown or an onlay.

This young woman had a limited budget and limited time

Direct Resin Bonding took under 2 hours and was affordable.

This young woman said porcelain veneers were too expensive for her

Dr. Chass gave her the option to do bonding instead of porcelain veneers at less than half the cost

This patient wanted his 4 front teeth to look better.

Porcelain Veneers were placed only on the 4 front teeth.

This tooth was very sensitive due to enamel at the gumline eroding away.

Dr. Chass's Direct Resin Bonding technique took away the sensitivity and made the tooth look better as well

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